It is essential to take careful and precise measurements so that your item fits perfectly.

Bracelet measurement

The best way to measure your wrist is to take a metre of simple thread or ribbon and wrap it around the wrist you would wear your bracelet on. Taking this as your measure, either tighten or release by a few centimetres to achieve your desired fit and style.

– For a close fit, note down the exact measured number
– For a more comfortable, loose fit, add 1cm

The majority of Nusya bracelets are delivered with a 2cm extension (indicated on the product page).

Necklace measurement

The best way to calculate the length of a necklace is to similarly use a metre of string or ribbon and mesure the size of your neck. Si you already have a necklace that fits you, take this as your measurement. Si you find that this necklace is either too long or short, simply add or subtract this value in cm.

Here are several standardised measurements (suitable for a neck of 35cm) to help find your correct length:

– 35cm: directly on the neck (chocker)
– 40cm: close to the neck
– 45cm: at the level of the bust
– > 60cm: long necklace or doubled

Ring measurement

There are several ways of confirming your ring size to ensure a stress-free purchase.

– If you already have a smooth, uniform ring of choice that is perfectly adjusted to your finger, you can download and print the ring guide attached. Make sure that it is the correct size by checking the scale with a ruler. Place your ring on the circle of enarest diameter. The internal circumference of the ring must be aligned with the outside of the circle. If your ring is between two sizes, Nusya advises you to choose the larger size.

Download the ring sizer: RING SIZER 

– Mesure the circumference of your ring using a metre of string or ribbon. The length in mm corresponds to the circumference indicated in traditional ring guides.

With a ruler, measure the length found in mm, 48mm = finger circumference of 48.

As a piece of advice, make your measurement in an place of temperate climate as the ambient temperature can cause fluctuations in your finger's diameter.