Solid Silver jewellery is naturally very shiny. However, over time it will tarnish and darken, especially after exposure to sulphur, or even with daily usage and contact with the skin. The particular PH of one's skin, as well as sweating, can also tarnish jewellery.
To restore your Sterling Silver (925) jewellery to its original colour, there is a very simple and effective home remedy that is entirely undamaging to the pieces.
The procedure is as follows:


1- Prenez le dentifrice, puis mettez-en une petite quantité sur vos doigts.
2- Apply it to the piece of jewellery, and gently brush it using a soft toothbrush. Avoid scrubbing the gems or crystals if the item has any.
3- Once finished brushing, rinse off the toothpaste with warm water.
4- Finally, dry completely with a towel. Your jewellery should look as good as new!!


Jewellery is fragile and how well it is cared for will determine how long it lasts.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to avoid doing so that your item lasts longer just as it came.


1- Do no allow your jewellery to come into contact with any product containing alcohol (varnish, perfume…)
2- Do not allow your jewleery to come into contact with any cleaning products (bleach, …)
3- Do not wear your jewellery while washing or bathing in the shower or swimming at the pool or in the sea, nor during sporting activities.
4- Store your jewellery in a dry place out of the open (kept in their case).
5- Take off your jewellery before going to bed.